Saving You Time and Money

Welcome to the City of Longview on-line permitting services. These services allow permit customers to view detailed permit information online, schedule inspections, estimate fees, apply for certain types of permits, and find parcel information. This can all be done without being a registered user.

Permits that maybe obtained on-line are electrical, mechanical, plumbing, siding and re-roof.
Permit fees estimates may be calculated on-line for building, fire/life safety, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, siding and re-roof. These fees are estimates only. Since there are many variables that can determine permit fees, is advised that you call 360.442.5086 for assistance.

NOTE: In order to obtain an on-line permit and schedule inspections you will first need to register.

Register by clicking on “New Users” and follow the prompts. Once you have registered you may call our office at 360.442.5086 to obtain your customer number. Or, you may e-mail our office at

Once you have registered, you can access permits that you have obtained as the applicant and schedule inspections. Click on “registered user” enter your user name and password. Click on “schedule inspections”. Enter your customer number or the permit type and permit number to narrow your search. Click on the permit number (in blue) to open the scheduling page. Choose your type of inspection and date from the pull down screen and “submit request”.
Last updated: 12/3/2012 5:42:44 PM