News Review
June 13 Council Meeting Summary
Posted Date: 6/24/2013

June 13 City Council Meeting in brief

  • Received a presentation from architect David Brittell regarding the completed master plan for a new Highlands Community Center; this plan was funded by a Community Development Block Grant.
  • Reallocated $3,000 of Tourism Funds in each of 2013 and 2014, from a joint Longview Grand Prix Criterium & Squirrel Fest event, to the Squirrel Fest only. The Criterium is not planned to take place in 2013 or 2014.
  • Adopted Ordinance No. 3248 amending the Urban Forest Maintenance Management Plan to eliminate the use of a certain pesticide, and to incorporate some minor revisions.
  • Tabled Ordinance No. 3249 amending parking regulations downtown until after a joint meeting with the Downtown Advisory Committee.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2070 accepting a $10,000 grant from the WA Dept. of Natural Resources to purchase 100 trees.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2071 approving an interagency agreement with WA Dept. of Natural Resources to receive urban forest restoration services sponsored and funded by the DNR.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2072 adjusting fees for use of the Mint Valley Golf Course.
  • Selected Councilors Moon, Botero, and Melink as delegates to represent Longview at the Association of Washington Cities conference.
  • Set a public hearing for the regular City Council meeting on July 11 to receive comments on the 2014 – 2019 Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan.
  • Awarded a bid to Weatherguard, Inc. in the amount of $37,854.00 to replace the roofs of the McClelland Arts Center and the Facility Maintenance Shop.
  • Awarded a bid to S-Square Tube Products, Inc. in the amount of $31,012.20 to supply new sign posts, anchors, and sign mounting brackets for new RiverCities Transit bus stop locations to implement new routes.
  • Awarded a bid to Traffic Safety Supply Company in the amount of $4,876.77 to supply new signs for the new RiverCities Transit bus stop locations.
  • Accepted as complete the Washington Way & 28th Avenue Crosswalk Improvements project.
  • Received a review of the 2013 first quarter General Fund budget.