Board Information:

Appointed By: City Manager
Length of term: Three-year terms

Meetings: Minimum of quarterly meetings, January/April/July/October, on the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 5 pm. At the Recreation Building (2920 Douglas St.)


All members of the commission have a demonstrated knowledge, interest or expertise in the area of visual arts including artists, sculptors, photographers, collectors, dealers, or teachers of art. Each member of the commission is a resident of the city, or the owner or manager of a licensed business within the city, or possesses a demonstrated interest and/or expertise in the field of visual arts. The commission advises the City Council in connection with the visual artistic development of the Longview area.

Board Members:

  • Anne-Marie Carr
  • Ramona Lauzon
  • Steven Grob
  • Sue Piper
  • Steve Moon

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