News Review
January 9 City Council Meeting in brief
Posted Date: 1/13/2014
• Councilmembers Melink, Moon, and Makinster took the oath of office for their new terms
• Elected Don Jensen as Mayor
• Elected Mary Jane Melink as Mayor Pro Tem
• Directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance proposing zoning code amendments to address recreational marijuana land uses
• Rejected Ordinance No. 3259 which would have eliminated manual delivery of overdue notices for utility bills and instead sent them by US Mail
• Approved Ordinance No. 3260 establishing an appeal process for denial of a taxicab license
• Appointed Holly McShane, Brian Magnuson, George Raiter, Dean Peotrowski, and David Andrew to serve as the new Longview Public Development Authority Board
• Awarded a bid to Cascade Columbia to provide fluorosilicic acid for the water treatment plant
• Authorized the city manager to support amending the Mint Farm Industrial Park Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions to allow indoor agricultural operations (e.g. marijuana).