News Review
“What Is It” at the Longview Public Library
Posted Date: 3/3/2014
Local historian Jerry Kelly will install two displays on the lower floor showcase at the Longview Library in March and April. The first will be a collection of shoes (“History of Shoes”) March 3 - 17, and then a "What Is It" display from March 18 – April 15. This will be the seventh year of unique “What Is It” displays.

Kelly uses antique artifacts to teach not only history, but to demonstrate the changes in everyday items over generations of time. What may look odd to us today was important to users 100 years ago. Kelly reminds us that “if something was needed they could not jump into the car for a drive to the local hardware or grocery store for a quick fix. It was a hard life, but they did not know any other.”

The display is presented in an unusual way. Items in the showcase are numbered, and include a clue as to each item’s use. For further assistance there will be another sheet on the display case with additional clues. Finally, if the participant is unable to solve the clue, a third booklet answers questions about each item.

The "What Is It" show is a great experience for people of all ages.