News Review
Public Library Summer Reading Program Youth Achievement
Posted Date: 9/5/2013
The Longview Public Library summer reading program promotes a life-long love of reading and libraries for all youth. Those who volunteered the most, read the most and came to the library the most during Dig Into Reading / Beneath The Surface, will be recognized at a Breakfast of Champions. This annual affair is hosted by the library staff during closed business hours, and recipients are served a light breakfast fare in the library’s Periodicals Room.

The 2013 youth who volunteered the most were Matilda and Lydia Patridge, with 53.5 hours and 49 hours, respectively. My and Y Ta visited the library the most days during the program. Emily Bledsoe read 1880 minutes in the Dig Into Reading program while Zoe Ford heard 2820 minutes in the “Read To Me” part of that program. In the Teen Beneath The Surface program, Kellyann Pliler read 1710 minutes, Mary Sutinen read 1160 minutes and Alexa Mejia read 1025 minutes.

Winners of the Grand Prizes for children were:
• Colm Price – Construction set, hard hat vest and books
• Christian Sandberg – Gardening package with books, “Digger” the gnome, terrarium and tools from Greg’s Gardens and Home Depot
• Josie Sully – Stuffed badgers and badger books
• Allison Williams – Pirate books, spyglass, wooden chest, chocolate coins and more
• Evan Peters – Dinosaur kits, games, fossils and books
• Reagan Wilkinson – Gel Ant Farm, ant robot and books
• Elizabeth Stuart – Rock collection, geology game and books
• Ethan Anderson – Volcano kit, USFS Parks Pass and volcano books.

Winners of the Grand Prizes for teens were:
• Brandon Ruhland – USFS Parks Pass, Geodes and volcano and cave books
• Kelby Sandvick – Estetica and Pals for Hair beauty products, accessories and books Seaira Hazeltine – YMCA Pool Party, seashell, Beneath the Surface water bottle and mermaid books
• Krit Rai – Tour of the Catlin Historical Cemetery, Corpsic Beauty Makeover, chocolate brains and zombie books
• Lydia Partridge – “William” Egyptian hippo sculpture, earbuds, mummy cord wrap, autographed Wrapped and archaeology books
• Heather Uerling – Dangerous Gentleman gift certificate, Mark Counts book sculpture, and Steampunk books
• Hope Fleming - Makeover by stylist Jason Berlin, archery lesson from the Lewis and Clark Bowmen, a Mockingjay pin, READ Hunger Games poster and books
• Jessica Benson – color touchscreen media tablet, Beneath the Surface book light, and multiple books

Weekly winners in the Summer Reading Program each won a bag of special prizes including magnetic bookmarks, finger puppets, library card holders and much more. They are as follows: Jesse Allgood, Hannah Arn, Jenna Atkinson, Alex Bauman, Ava Bobbitt, Brock Brewer, James Butler, Breanna Epperson, Rosalie Faul, Zoe Ford, Madison Gerritson, Lillian Harbell, Benjamin Haukaas, Molly Hemrich, Lucy Hight, Evan Johnson, Kenzie Junnikkala, Jake Jurvakainen, Austin Keithley, Jason Kooiman, Will Kuch, Presley Lindeman, Ethan Mansfield, Keely Morgan, Sabrina Noel, Olivia Norton, Forrest Oliverson, Fiona Price, Tasha Rayner, Lily Richards, Harley Rossman, Gladis Irais Sanchez-Matias, Iris Sanders, Juan Sarabia, Bailee Smith, Matthew Stuart, Reese Swanson, Melissa Tran, Carter Wagner, Riordan Walch, Kian White and Allison Williams.

Olivia Barella’s movie titled, “Beneath the Surface,” won the Teen Underground Film Festival movie contest. Her film can be viewed at: http://youtube/qC2cUA8VogQ

All Champions will receive a small gift, and will have a book added to the library’s collection in their honor.